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How Much Life in New Zealand Costs?


The average cost of groceries and other food items averages about $560.00 USD – $730.00 USD depending on the number of people in your household.

Real Estate

The price of rent for a condominium or house varies based on locality, square footage, and whether you prefer a furnished or unfurnished space. On average, you can expect to pay $950.00 USD – $1,500.00 USD for a one or two-bedroom condo and $1,600 USD – $2,400 USD for a two or three-bedroom house. To buy a house in New Zealand, you must be a resident of the country or have residential status. You can expect to pay more for real estate in larger cities such as Auckland. As stated on GlobalPropertyGuide, the average house in Auckland costs about NZ $586,000. Houses in the country tend to cost less. For example, a house on the West Coast costs about NZ $125,000. A house in Southland costs about NZ $217,000.

Utilities and Internet

Fiber/cable internet service will cost about $50.00 USD – $93.00 USD. For high-speed internet (ADSL), plan on spending $46.00 USD – $75.00 USD. For other utilities including heating and cooling, electricity, cable, etc., you should expect to spend $80.00 USD – $200.00 USD per month. Utility costs may vary during the year depending on the weather.


A new car costs $20,000 USD – $23,000 USD. Fuel costs remain high in New Zealand with an average price of $5.58 USD per gallon. Larger areas including Auckland have public transportation options including buses, trains, and taxis services. A monthly public transportation pass for use on both buses and trains will cost about $110.00 USD, while taxi services range from $2.37 USD – $3.27 USD per mile.

If you plan to travel often, buying a car can save you money over time. You can also rent a car by the day or by the week if you want to take a vacation or weekend trip to another part of New Zealand.

Average Costs of Living in New Zealand

Below are the average costs of living in New Zealand for a family of four. Please note these depend on the area, season, type of property you are renting and other personal factors, e.g. the entertainment and medical issues.

Type of costs Amount (in NZD) Comment
Rent 2,500 – 3,500
Electricity 200 On average, summer months will cost less.
Entertainment 150 – 300
Doctors’ visits 100
Groceries 1,200 – 1,800
Life insurance x 2 170
School 700 – 900 Including aftercare
Fibre 90
Total 5,110 – 7,060


Additional: school uniforms for two kids is around $ 300.