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Firstly, don’t panic! When emigrating, everyone goes through the same emotional roller coaster when and many nights of planning and organisation. Thousands of people have done this successfully before you and so will you!

Here are a few tips that will make your emigration process run smoothly:

Plan well: you need to do research first to understand what it takes to make the move. Consider the following questions: do you have enough funds, are you eligible for a visa, can you take your family with, and when, how long will it  take and finally are you sure that you know enough about the country you are emigrating to, so that you will avoid and/or manage the culture shock? 

Allocate tasks to family members: to plan and manage the whole process is a big responsibility for one person. You will have to arrange visas and for that obtain lots of documentation. You will have to pack up your house or sometimes sell your content and the property itself. If you have pets you will have to decide whether they will relocate with you and then you will have to make the necessary arrangements in respect of tests, vaccinations, flights etc. Therefore, once you have planned all the tasks, bring the family on board and delegate tasks. Make time once a week to meet with  everyone and review the status of all tasks. It will make you feel more comfortable, in control and make the whole family more excited if they are all part of the emigration process. 

Look after your emotional wellbeing: There will be many friends and family members and even places you will have to say goodbye to. Your kids will have to leave school friends behind. Often precious pieces of furniture or a pet that is too old or sick to fly won’t be able to come with. Surround yourself with people who will support you in the journey and keep focussed on your end goal. Constantly remind yourself why you have taken the decision to emigrate in the first place.